Using Voice-Directed Work in the Supply Chain

The questions in the minds of today’s information technology (IT) executives run in an endlessly agonizing loop:

  • Do I have the right infrastructure in place?
  • Are my servers and databases and applications doing what they need to do?
  • How do I separate valuable new technology from all the junk?
  • Is my system secure?

These are tough questions that can ensure sleepless nights. But as any business-minded IT practitioner knows, these concerns are not about technology on its own. They are about technology as it relates to the bottom line, corporate strategy and the myriad of threats that include rising costs, increased competition and ever-slim profit margins. In short, what really keeps the strategic IT executive awake at night is this question: How can I use technology to boost productivity, make the supply chain more efficient, and maximize ROI? Many are finding the answer to be voice-enabling their warehouse.

The market momentum for voice occurring is due to the immediate value provided by the technology and the pragmatic nature companies are able get started to rapidly and show quantitative business results within days. Hundreds of thousands end-users use Vocollect products each and every day with great success. The promise of hands-free, eyes-free task execution continues to drive a multitude of key warehouse processes and has become an important ingredient in a thought leading company’s IT strategy.

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